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CPR Classes

All of our CPR classes meet the requirements for a "Hands-on" training session.  We offer a variety of CPR classes from the BLS healthcare-level class, the Standard-level class (includes Adult, Child and Infant) and Adult-only classes.

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CPR & First Aid Combined Classes

We offer a CPR/AED class combined with a First Aid class, for those who need both certifications.  Typically these classes are for childcare providers and others who have a regulatory requirement for such training, such as OSHA.

Standard First Aid Classes

Standard First Aid - This course is geared toward employees and/or designated first responders at places of business who have a duty to respond to an illness or injury because of their job responsibilities or regulatory regulations, and need a certification card.  This class teaches participants the general first aid concepts for everything from cuts and scrapes to injuries to the muscles, bones, joints, head and chest.  One also learns how to recognize and effectively respond to heat and cold emergencies, sudden illnesses and poisonings.    All participants completing the class are certified by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) in Standard First Aid for a period of 2-years.  The class meets the requirements of OSHA’s, the Department of Education and the Department of Social Services for First Aid training.  When combined with the CPR Class, the classes cover all required training topics of these regulatory agencies.  The $45.00 course fee includes a CPR & First Aid guidebook, equipment, disposable training supplies, handouts, and applicable taxes.  You can upgrade to a comprehensive full-color book for an extra $18.00.

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CPR training medical procedure workshop.

Blended (Online) Learning Classes

Blended classes blend an online part with a hands-on (in person) part.  The majority of the class is completed online using your computer at a time and pace that is convenient for you.  Once the online part is complete, a hands-on skills session is scheduled with us to practice and demonstrate skill mastery.  We offer the skills session for the American Heart Association's (AHA) BLS Provider CPR class and other First Aid and CPR certifications through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).  The online part of the blended classes are completed by visiting either the AHA or ECSI websites.